Meet our portfolio review panel

This year we have an amazing line up of photographer who will be part of the portfolio review panel:

1. Maggie Steber – Guggenheim Grantee, USA
2. Léonard Pongo – Photographer, Belgium
3. Wawi Navarroza – Photographer, Artist, Musician
4. Ekkarat Punyatara, Photographer, National Geographic Thailand
5. Miti Ruangkritya – Photographer, Thailand
6. Calin Kruse – Designer and Publisher, dienacht
7. Matt Grace – Creative Director at Myanmar Deitta
8. Tobias Kruse – Photographer, Ostkreuz Agency, Berlin
9. Jörg Brüggemann – Photographer, Ostkreuz Agency, Berlin
10. Daniel Boetker-Smith – Director, Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive
11. Saiful Huq Omi – Counter Photo, Bangladesh
Tasneem Alsultan – Photographer, Saudi Arabia-United States
13. Paula Bronstein – Conflict Photojournalist, United States of America
14. Richard Humphries – Photojournalist, UK-Malaysia

*There will be more reviewers named as we get closer to the festival.


To have your work reviewed by this amazing panel of photographers, please fill in this application form: