Camille Leveque

Universal Truth

is a visual research through thousands of family photos, spreading across five decades and three continents. With this fragmented collection of intimate moments, chosen by the family to be remembered, Camille isolates obvious resonances in people lives and confront their daily lives.  Moments of pride and random occasions are celebrated on the same level and chosen to be frozen in time and exist forever on paper. There seems to be a systematization of the photographic process and one can wonder if we document our lives for ourselves or for the others. The exact same poses, settings, events are found again and again and one can wonder how staged our memories are. With borders as statements, and in a global context of human chaos and social division, we need more than ever, to hang on to the things uniting us over the ones that divide us.


BLACK KETTLE  25-31/08/2018  all day



(b. 1985) is a freelance photographer born and raised in Paris, France. She graduated from university in Paris with a degree in Fine Arts and Literature. From 2007 to 2008, she lived in Armenia, and assembled a year-long reportage on post-Karabagh war refugees. In 2010, Lévêque started working as an Editorial Assistant for MAGNUM PHOTOS in Paris, before moving to the U.S. to focus on personal projects. While constantly developing her photography practice, Lévêque mainly explores intimacy by creating narratives that blend documentary work with an artistic and personal approach. Her work considers relationships, matters of identity, and origins by looking at family as the cornerstone of her analysis. Working mostly around the archive, whether is it the subject or the media, Lévêque aims to illustrate the idea of memory, its impact on the present and future, its limits, and its fading. If photography is a piece of evidence, she uses it either as a statement or to distort the truth, playing with the boundaries of the medium, and in a way, with the past. Very much influenced by her own family archive she makes encounters between various eras of photography, creating discussions working in echo around the photographic object. Raised in a family of multicultural background, origins are the predominant topic of her work and research. Lévêque’s practice illustrates this encounter between various influences, and the way past influences the present and shapes the future. She is a founder and member of LIVE WILD collective and the co-founder of publishing house ORPHEUS STANDING ALONE.