David Carswell

Tomorrow Will Be Postponed

References teetering globalization and over population by presenting a narrative that straddles fiction and non-fiction; imagining a post-apocalyptic world where human’s interventions and struggles with nature are exposed. Quiet and reflective, the series highlights obscure scenes that are held together with underlying tension. The fragility of the natural world, urban anxieties and banal acts of human development are all laid bare in an empty void of stark loneliness and subtle dark absurdity.

HIN BUS DEPOT Outdoor Exhibition 25-31/08/2018 (exhibiton walk 27/08/2018 11:00)

is an Australian photographer currently based in Melbourne. Carswell’s work focuses on the collision between nature, humans, and the built environment. Exploring the tension that exists in urban areas and the way mankind shapes the built landscape, he draws on visual puns to highlight an underlying resilience in the face of a hopeless future. His imagery demonstrates an empathetic and worldly view that challenges the viewer to engage and tease out emotion in the monotony of everyday life. Carswell deals in a melancholic mood with delicate expressions of beauty representing humour and subtle cynicism with contemporary society.