Himali Singh Soin

Radar Level

Is set in the world’s last geological minutes, in two ancient landscapes. One in the northern hemisphere in Mongolia at the site of the first dinosaur fossil excavation and the other beneath the southern constellation of Namibia, on its old waters. The split projection reverses between desert and water. Dissolving in these images are found photographs of humans in spacesuits before the space age, gearing up for the end of life, for a distant voyage, for protection or for colonial imitation. The Alien Woman, erased from the space-race, appears with cultural specificity (the brooch), taking the earth in her hands or preparing for protest. Just as the title itself is a palindrome, here, the extinction of the past looks like the extinction of the future. The sound is a combination of dinosaur howls and outer space vibrations, both anterior to human existence, yet only known through anthropocentric, technological re-imaginings.


Is a writer and performance artist based between London and Delhi. Her work deploys metaphors from outer space and the natural environment in order to disembody the human, and give life to inert objects, to wade between states of consciousness, finding rest in a multiplicity of distances and intimacies, visible and invisible. Her methodology is pseudoscientific, alchemical and literary.

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