Marc Yang

The Kurds

Are one of the oldest nationalities in the Middle East. There are about 30 million Kurds in the world. about 6 million of them live in Iraq. For a long time, the Kurds live in the cracks of several countries. They have a strong sense of national pride and national cohesion, despite facing huge pressure from every country they reside in. Although the Kurds have always wanted to establish their own homeland in the Kurdistan area, for a long time they have been subject to being exiled to neighboring countries. Now, as the situation in the Middle East becomes increasingly complicated, the survival of the Kurds becomes less certain.

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(b. 1993, Wuhan, China) is a perennial in the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Yang has always been concerned about international issues, including ethnic issues in the Middle East such as the Kurds, the environmental problems of the Indian rivers, and the regional problems of the Mekong River, a river in Southeast Asia. In Yang’s visual expressions, photos are only part of the project. With interviews in over 30 countries and regions, Yang tried to combine video and photos to present a complete series of works, using different visual languages to inspire readers to understand and think more about this issue.