Marta Bogdanska


In the espionage world, is a message before encryption or after decryption, and it is easily readable by humans. After it becomes encrypted the message is obscure and unreadable without a key. This term is a metaphor for the artist’s project for various reasons. Lebanon, especially its capital Beirut, has a long history of spy stories (both true and made-up). For the artist, Beirut became a second home. Plaintext is a project that spies on the artist’s self, her feelings, and tries to decode her relationship with Lebanon. The photographs are personal, nostalgic, at times absurd. They relate to traces, objects, landscapes, forming a notebook or a very personal narrative diary of untold stories. At times touristic in its nature, taken by someone who knows the country very well but still is, in essence, a foreigner (a spy), the photos delve deeper into the tissue of Lebanese spirit, but also more importantly into the artist’s perceptions and projections. Ironically, they also undermine the sensational narrative about the region that is ever present in the media

HIN BUS DEPOT  25-31/08/2018  all day

Is a Polish artist, photographer, filmmaker, and cultural manager based between Poland and Lebanon. She holds a Master Degree in Philosophy and Diploma in Gender Studies from Warsaw University, and studied with Anton Vidokle and Jalal Toufic at the Homeworkspace Programme of Ashkal Alwan association in Beirut. She is currently enrolled in Academy of Photography in Warsaw. Bogdanska has been awarded numerous art residencies and grants, which include the Heinrich Boell Foundation grants for Exilium and Mixed Feelings projects, Nida Art Colony (Lithuania) in 2012, Gasworks (UK), Botkyrka Konsthal (Sweden) in 2010, and Adam Mickiewicz Institute art grants. She took part in Re-Tooling Residencies Project by CCA Warsaw. Bogdanska was invited to be part of Porta Pila Art Market project in Torino, and selected for workshops that include: As Long As I’m Walking… with Francis Alys at 98weeks Project in Beirut and Thinking Books with Krzysztof Pijarski and Ludomir Fraczak at Archeology of Photography Foundation. Marta’s work was exhibited internationally, and her photographs & projects appeared in international media. Currently, Bogdanska is preparing a photo book and a short documentary film called ‘Next Sunday’