Narahphat Sakarthornsap

Only for “the Dead on Duty”

This series presents photographs of flowers intentionally arranged to imitate those at the funeral of Thai army privates and cadets at the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School. Some of these privates and cadets lost their lives due to unreasonable punishments; others died from excruciating tortures in a training camp; and for others, the causes of their deaths have remained inconclusive or unidentified. These sad, unfortunate (or even unjust) events took place because the mastermind behind the punishments and tortures are commanders themselves, officers of higher rank, or senior privates trained in the same military camp. Some of these people are powerful enough to cover up the news and distort the truth, making it difficult to convict them and to uncover the truths behind their deaths to the public. The only thing left for the families of the dead is a funereal photograph decorated with flowers and a lifeless body of “the dead on duty”.

HIN BUS DEPOT Exhibition 25-31/08/2018 (exhibiton walk 27/08/2018 11:00)

(b. 1991, Bangkok, Thailand) Lives and works in Bangkok. In many of his works, Sakarthornsap presents stories of inequality in society through photography, with flowers in the leading role. In his exhibitions, one important element is the name of each photograph, as well as the details that intentionally connect the body of work. These details could contain a certain messages that cannot be explicitly spoken under the pressure of the society, as many of the flowers Sakarthornsap uses come with profound meaning. Other times, the photographs of these delicate flowers come from the deepest part of Sakarthornsap’s devastated heart. In this way, flowers have become a key to finding the answers that are neatly hidden in the works of art.