We would like to take this opportunity to thank all 507 applicants to the 2019 OBSCURA Festival of Photography Open Call for Exhibitions. As always its a hugely difficult process to curate a meaningful show filled with great work that comes together in a cohesive and meaningful way. There were many works that we loved which unfortunately had to be dropped because of the finite nature of an exhibition, its relationships with all the other works and because of the particular design of the curatorial narrative. Our work here at the festival was to curate works that addressed a variety of subjects, a diverse approach to the use of the photographic medium and works which were able to have a conversation with other works through the curation. In trying to show as many works as possible, we’ve decided to make a wider selection that we usually would have and curate a separate projection show for the second night at the festival. And without further ado, in no specific order, we’re really happy to announce the 2019 finalists!

Siva Sai Jeevanantham (IND)
Bego Antón (ESP)
Roger Anis (EGY)
Hiro Tanaka (JPN)
Lukas Birk (AUT)
Anita Pouchard Serra (FRA)
Sheila de Cruz (PER)
Thomas Freteur (BEL)
Simon Menner (GER)
Attilio Fiumarella (ITA)
Agata Wieczorek (POL)
Hannes Wiedemann (GER)
Bryan Anselm (USA)
Mijannur Rahaman Gazi (IND)
Rory Doyle (USA)
Anton Polyakov (MOL)
Maria Sturm (GER)
Christina Stohn (GER)
Sharbendu De (IND)
Paco Poyato (ESP)
Cheryl Hoffmann & Pauline Fan (CAN & MYS)
Kenji Chiga (JPN)
Isabella Moore (AUS)
Cheng Jen Pei (TAI)
Jingli Wu (CNI)
Marco Castelli (ITA)


OBSCURA Festival