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This intensive 2-day workshop is aimed at local street photography practitioners who seek to elevate their skills to the next level. The workshop objectives include improving seeing conceptually, nailing the “decisive moments” and achieving better sense of curation over a body of work. The participants are expected to have basic photography knowledge on how to operate a camera.

The workshop will cover an all-rounded approach to street photography from introduction to modern street photography styles, conceptual planning before the shoot, guided photowalk with demonstrations on usual street photography techniques and shooting execution as well as a closed photo sharing, then comment and critique session.

During the planning stage, the participants will be asked to choose a theme (eg Life on Trishaw, People on the Jetty), and a brief discussion will be made between the  instructor and each of the participants to lay an outline of the expected outcome from the chosen theme. There will be a group photowalk with live demonstrations of some popular street photography techniques, but participants may also walk on their own to find their own shots. Finally, each participants are required to edit their own work (with the help of the workshop instructor in class) down to a series of 10 photographs,  whichare then shared with everyone for comment and critique session.


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Robin Wong believes that photography is a lifestyle and a personal creative expression. He discovered photography at the start of a civil engineering career, as an artistic balance against an overwhelmingly technical world. He runs a photography blog ( penning down random photography musings to camera  reviews, unexpectedly gaining audience along the way. The blog was awarded the world’s Top 100 Camera Blogs in 2019. Robin was particularly known for adopting a less technical approach for product review articles and focusing more on user experience and photography heavy approach instead. Robin has left his career in engineering to be a professional photographer, currently shooting commercially and doing personal projects. Robin’s on-going mission is to spread the love and joy of photography, inspire more people to go out and shoot, and to motivate everyone to grow in photography.

Image supplied by Robin Wong
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