Exhibitions, 13 July - 31 August 2019
18, Lebuh Bishop, George Town, 10200 George Town, Penang


ARGENTINA, 2013-2018

Speak directly, without an intermediary. Say what you think. Describe its reality as it is seen and not as others see it, pursuing a path of independence between all the medias of the major press groups.

In 2007, a group of young people from different origins and horizons, started to broadcast radio and TV transmissions on the street, in popular neighbourhoods or demonstrations. They invited their neighbours to participate; to become the protagonists of the information and the diffuser of their own reality. Thus, the group DTL! Comunicación popular was born and started to find ways to create the technical equipment necessary for the creation of communal, popular and alternative radios stations and TV channels.

That's when they started their path to to build their future radio station. At that moment social and geographical reality changed: radio was used to battle a mining project, another the cultural center of a disadvantaged neighborhood, or in the middle of the countryside in remote areas, or as Antena Negra TV, an alternative TV in the heart of Buenos Aires, offering another look and information about Argentinian society.


Anita Pochard Serra is a French-argentine documentary photographer based between Buenos Aires and Paris, and work mostly in Latin America around identity, migrations, empowerment and territorial issues. Her approach is a narrative exploration mixing several tools and disciplines. Since 2017, she’s has been working on the collective project “ Welcome to Intipuca City” about migrations from El Salvador to the US. In 2018 the project won the Moving Walls 25 Fellowship by Open Society Foundations and the ADELANTE grant of the International Women Media Foundation to be continued. Her work has been published in several medias around the world and exhibited in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, France, Spain and the US.