Exhibitions, 13 July - 31 August 2019
Cheah Kongsi, 8, Lebuh Armenian, 10300 George Town, Penang



Over two years, starting in spring 2016, I spent an untold number of hours at the zoo — on both sides of the bars. There, I saw and heard and felt reaction-led scenes aplenty, the vast majority of them epitomizing the tender gray area — say, the constructive cognitive dissonance — that exists between “wonderful” and “disgraceful.” The Giza Zoo in Egypt is one of the biggest and oldest in Africa was opened in 1891, It was originally built with the same standards of London Zoo. For alot of Egyptians it's is one of the best amusement parks specially for children where it's the only opportunity to be introduced to animal lives. My curiosity led me to do a story trying to discover this relationship between the animals and the keepers,who mostly spent between 10 to 35 years with these animals in this job. There are negatives in the Zoo, as everyone speaks of officials, doctors and Keepers, a lot of it comes from the lack of resources that stands against solving them. My story is about the relationship between a human and an animal in a narrow space behind the fences. both in captivity and have no decisions to make but being friends. " How these relationships can last & develop if it's not built on love & mercy that brings us together as friends." Wahid one of the keepers says. With all what I see and witness in the zoo I still think and imagine What if we could see the zoo in a way that gives dignity to both the animals and their keepers? What would that look like?”


Roger Anis holds a bachelor of Fine Arts in Mural Painting from Minya University in Egypt, and a Diploma in Photojournalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Denmark. He has worked as photojournalist for the Cairo-based daily newspaper Al-Shorouk since 2010. During this time, he has covered political unrest across Egypt, starting with the 2011 revolution. He has also worked on a photo project about street kids with UNICEF Egypt. His work has appeared in such outlets as the Associated Press, TIME, Le Monde, The Guardian, and The New York Times, as well as in museums and galleries in Egypt and internationally. He was chosen to participate in the Reporting Change Project with World Press Photo from 2012 to 2014, and won the 2014 Reuters Microsoft Photo Award. His work focuses on social issues and is powered by his belief in photography as a method of social change.