Subcultures can be tricky to classify. As society becomes increasingly socially complex, information more accessible and individualistic pursuits diversify, the edges of what is considered a subculture have become harder to distinguish. Some cultural groups previously considered mainstream have seen their communities filter down into more niche groups, or their numbers dwindle, pushing them out of the mainstream and into the realm of subcultures. As younger generations depart rural lands and customs in pursuit of life in metropolitan areas around the world, they seek to find their new identities, creating new subcultures online and among their surroundings. The gurukula education system, once serving as a mainstream and primary education method in South Asia, saw a demise following the arrival of British rule and was pushed aside by new methods. Today gurukula is going through a small revival as some elders see the need to provide a moral and spiritual compass to the younger generation, subsequently producing an educational subculture. Breaking the paradigms of mainstream relationships, the predominantly male subculture of iDollators sees people finding companionship with life-size synthetic partners. iDollators embrace technological advances in artificial intelligence and manufacturing processes as they buck the norms of traditional relationships. The selected works presented at Obscura by EPA seek to discuss common subculture themes through contemporary news topics. 


Scott Howes has worked for the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) as a Bangkok based Photo Editor since 2018. Prior to joining EPA, Howes spent four years in Cambodia at the Phnom Penh Post as the acclaimed newspaper’s Photo Editor. Scott has exhibited his works throughout Australia and abroad, and was awarded first place in the Queensland Lord Mayors Photographic Awards. Scott has produced a wide range of photographic work focusing on a variety of subjects from the labour force in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to the social politics of backpacking in Australia. His work has appeared in The Guardian, The Diplomat, BBC, Al Jazeera, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and South China Morning, amongst others.

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