Rocco Venezia


Is a concept used by the philosopher C.G. Jung in the early 20th century as part of his analytical psychology, for him, the Nekyia represented the “introversion of the conscious mind into the deeper layers of the unconscious psyche.” Classic poems as Odyssey, Aeneid, and Divine Comedy’s Inferno, underlined the river’s strong relationship with the mythology of death, using the Acheron to indicate the sacred boundary between the mortal life and the afterlife. The main characters in these poems had to descend at some point into the underworld to understand the past and be ready to face the future. Using the river Acheron as a guide for my personal nekyia across Epirus, my aim is to create a metaphorical and allegorical perspective on modern day Greece, juxtaposing the mythology heritage of the region to the current political-economical situation.

BLACK KETTLE  25-31/08/2018  all day

(b. 1991) is an Italian documentary photographer. The subject of his works originate from a personal interest in literature and an awareness of European political and economic situations. Venezia holds a first class honours degree in Documentary Photography from Newport, University of South Wales. Venezia’s work has been shown in Greece, Italy, the UK, and China. His latest work, Nekyia, is a book published by the Italian independent editor Witty Kiwi in May 2017. The monograph is part of the collection at the National Art Library of Victoria & Albert Museum in London and Colección FOLIO at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City. In addition to his personal work as a photographer, Venezia is working as a curator for PHmuseum and co-founder of Photo Meliggoi, photographic residency program in Greece.