A visual journey through the world of international metropolises seen from very different perspectives and realized as animation, short fiction, experimental, documentary or music video. 10 short films about modern city life in Berlin, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Chongqing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vientiane, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and a nonexisting place.

interfilm – International Short Film Festival Berlin

Beginning as a Super 8 film festival in 1982, the festival has become one of the largest short film festivals in Germany and Europe, receiving 6,000 annual film entries and a continually growing audience of over 21,000 – firmly establishing itself as a vital part of Berlin’s cultural landscape.  2018 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles has declared interfilm an Academy Award® Qualifying Festival.

interfilm’s goal is to bring together creative individuals from all over the world who work with short film and provide them with an international and culturally-political platform to showcase their work and facilitate the exchange of ideas, skills, and support. Presenting a wide variety of short film productions comprising live action, animation, documentary and experimental films to enthusiastic audiences consisting of film industry professionals, students, and the general public, interfilm is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the short film format.

HIN BUS DEPOT  27/08/2018  8:00pm  Duration: 60 minutes

Photography is a medium that quickly becomes too much about itself, sometimes
photographers do the same thing. By starting the MINT-Projections two years ago, we decided to try and break down those preconceptions: instead of showcasing our
own works as photographers we slip into the roles of curators and producers,
acknowledging that there is always a right fit of topic and storyteller. The best we
can do is to give a platform to those works. The projections are celebrating diverse
and versatile storytellers, that report on current issues from around the globe. In a
globalised world, we need a globalised visual culture that engages in discussions and
raises awareness. With the Projections, we hope to make you laugh, cry and reflect
about your own role in this world

HIN BUS DEPOT  26/08/2018  8:00pm

MINT is a collective of documentary photographers from Germany and Denmark, founded in 2013.
The eight members are united by a strong believe that storytelling,both in editorial works and
personal projects, needs to constantly evolve and challenge itself, with the stories of today becoming
more complex themselves. MINT is about collaborating, sharing and creating ideas throughout the
international photographic community. In order to create authentic and empathic visual representations
we believe that a truly and authentic personal interest comes always first. MINT is AnnaKristina Bauer,
Jens Gyarmaty, Charlotte de la Fuente, Kasper Palsnov, Patrick Slesiona, Felix Schmitt, Mario Wezel and
Marcel Wogram.

“dynamic_” – Photographic works and initiatives from Greece

Curated by Ilias Georgiadis


  1. (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.
  2. (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.

The show consists of 3 chapters. In the first, we take a look at a fresh initiative that started in Greece very recently, “Vein Collective”, and focuses on sharing intimate-personal stories. In the second we discover a universe of different voices, which all share one thing.  They were all born on the same ground; “Common Ground”.  In chapter 3; “Inconnu” & “Hidden” we see three different stories of haunting beauty, approached with pure desire, in search for memory, roots and longing.

It is very natural for the viewer to make conscious or unconscious connections with the works you see and the Greek socio-politico and economic scene. My point of view is that maybe as an artist and as a person, someone has to cross some dark corners before reaching the light. Even if an artist’s reaction to this is the creation of an introspective narrative that questions a set of imagery, we see one thing. That there is so much light in it.

HIN BUS DEPOT  30/08/2018  8:00pm