Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 2pm
Hin Bus Depot, 1A, Jalan Gurdwara, Georgetown, 10300 George Town, Penang



I vividly remember a conversation I once had with a former teacher and photography mentor: We discussed their disappointment of losing large parts of the visible, photographable world to virtual environments. 'Today everything looks so sterile' they said, which inspired me to focus on documenting the bleeding edge of technology. This endeavour led to several independent projects I now call Wetware Projects. The term 'wetware', by analogy with 'software' and 'hardware', describes biological systems and components as something that can be approached with methodologies familiar to the world of computing. Although such a terminology is ambiguous since biology today is not fully 'programmable', it is paradigmatic for many contemporary conceptions of what technology can do. In this talk I will present the Wetware Projects in three parts, covering subjects such as DIY cyborgs, the plastic surgery industry in South Korea and genetic engineering.

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In The Wetware Projects, Hannes Wiedemann documents the ongoing merge of technology with the human body and biology at large. Employing reportage photography and working along the borders of the visible, he explores phenomena such as DIY cyborgs, plastic surgery and genetic engineering in all its immediacy. Hannes Wiedemann is a Berlin-based photographer and Ostkreuz School of Photography graduate. His work is regularly exhibited and published in magazines. 'Grinders' and 'Bits and Pieces' were self-published as artist books. Recent Shows include: STRP, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 2019; Daegu Photography Biennial, South Korea 2018; IN YOUR FACE, Kubus, Hanover, Germany 2018; Riga Photography Biennial, Latvia 2018; NEW CITIZENS, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia 2017; NUCLEUS, Noorderlicht International Photography Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands 2017; 2016 NEW PHOTOGRAPHY II, ALAN, Istanbul, Turkey 2017; HUMAN UPGRADE, Galerie der Schader-Stiftung / Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany 2016.

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