Spaceley, situated right in the heart of Georgetown Heritage Area, is one of the most exciting and versatile function venues in Penang. Spaceley specializing in managing your event, whether it is a wedding, not for profit, corporate or social event. We have a diverse portfolio of event venues throughout the city, offering a variety of...
Conveniently situated within the UNESCO World Heritage buffer zone and walking distance from the central business district, Areca Hotel offers families and travelers the opportunity to experience the rich history and vibrant culture that George Town and Penang has to offer. Areca Hotel is named after the Areca Palm (Areca Catechu), also known commonly as...
Hin Bus Depot
Hin Bus Depot is an art and events space located in George Town, Penang. Established in 2014, the space is run by a small creative collective that curates the contents of the space, which includes art exhibitions, parties, music gigs, theatre productions, festivals, fashion events, brand launch, street art and a whole lot more.
Black Kettle
Cafe & Entertainment In the heart of Penang’s UNESCO Zone on Beach Street.
Awesome Canteen
Awesome Paleo-inspired dishes, burgers, Japanese dons, artisanal coffee and in-house cakes and more in the beautiful, serene space of Sekeping Victoria.