Verena Andrea Prenner


Contained is a series of interviews and staged documentary photographs of taxi drivers in Palestine affected by the “security wall”. In 2002, the Israeli government started building a so-called security wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories with the aim to protect the Israeli population from Palestinian terror attacks. Since then, Palestinian taxi drivers are no longer permitted to pass the checkpoint and take passengers to their desired destination on the Israeli side. This restriction has not only impacted them economically but also psychologically and emotionally. The costumes that appear to be like animals are made out of waste and used plastic bags to bring attention to this area, which suffers due to neglect and lack of waste disposal facilities. The majority of waste is either thrown into landfills or is burnt in urban areas, resulting in health and environmental problems.

HIN BUS DEPOT  25-31/08/2018  all day

Is a sociologist, photographer, and artist born and raised in Austria. Over the last several years, Prenner has been living and working in the Middle East. After accidentally entering a  Palestinian refugee camp, Prenner began working on artistic projects and photographing Muslim weddings with a Palestinian photographer. In her artistic work, she focuses on people and their social environment by combining sociological field researches and photography. The central point of her interest is the question: “How and in which ways do various social, cultural and political environments affect individuals?”